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Your Inova benefits program is an integral part of your total rewards package, which also includes compensation, learning opportunities and a positive work environment. We are pleased to offer you the choice and flexibility of two dental and six medical plan options in 2009:

  • Aetna HealthFund – a consumer-directed plan that combines comprehensive medical coverage with an Inova-provided health fund that can help you pay for covered medical expenses.

  • Aetna Health Savings Account HDHP
    a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with a tax-advantaged health savings account that you contribute money to and use to help pay for qualified medical expenses.

  • Aetna Open Choice (PPO1 and PPO2) – two PPO plans, offering different levels of cost-sharing, that give you the flexibility to choose any provider when you need care, with no PCP or referrals required. Open Choice also lets you save when you use network providers.

  • Kaiser Signature HMO – an HMO plan in which you select a personal physician who provides basic, routine care and referrals to network specialists. You pay a copay for most covered services, with no deductible required. The plan pays benefits only when care is provided or referred by your personal physician.

  • Aetna PPO Dental (High and Standard) – two PPO dental plan options, offering different levels of benefits, that allow you to visit any licensed dentist of your choice and offers you coverage for a broad range of dental services.

This website will help you learn about the Aetna plans described above and understand how they work. You may also preview a wide range of online tools available to help you manage your health care and its costs.

This benefit website is intended as a guide to the major benefits and provisions of Inova's Health Benefit Plan. It is not a contract and does not include every detail of the Plan. If there is any discrepancy between the information contained on this web page and the Plan documents, the Plan documents will govern. Copies of the Plan document may be obtained by contacting your Human Resources Department. Participation in the Plan does not guarantee continued employment with Inova. In addition, Inova reserves the right to terminate, suspend or modify the Plan, or to change the level and type of benefits, in whole or in part, at any time.

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