Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

How the PPO Plan Works

2008 Dental PPO

With the Dental PPO plan you have the freedom to choose any licensed dentist for covered expenses and pay deductibles and coinsurance up to an annual maximum. Aetna's PPO network includes over 77,000 participating dentists nationwide.

In the Dental PPO plan, although you may choose to visit a participating dentist or a non-participating dentist, there are many advantages to visiting a participating dentist:

  • You will receive enhanced plan benefits.
  • You will incur lower overall costs - negotiated fees are generally lower than dentist’s usual fees, and participating dentists will not balance bill additional charges. Because non-participating dentists have not agreed to discounted rates for Aetna members, you may pay more for the cost of your care.
  • A participating dentist will file claims for you.
  • Participating dentists must complete our credentialing process and are recredentialed on an ongoing basis.

An online dentist directory is available on the DocFind Provider Directory.