Plan for Your Health

Aetna Navigator

Aetna Navigator is a members-only website that offers health and personal benefits information, self-service features, interactive tools – and much more. When you register with Aetna Navigator, you'll have your own home page that shows your health fund balance, recent claims and who is covered under your plan. There's also a direct link to DocFind, the online provider directory. Plus, you can take advantage of:

  • Self-service features – to request ID cards, print claim forms and make changes to personal information such as email addresses. You can even print temporary ID cards to use while you wait for your permanent card to arrive.
  • DocFind® – to look for in-network providers in your area. See the next section for more about DocFind.
  • Cost of Care – to get the estimate average costs of medical procedures, office visits, tests, diseases and conditions, and prescription drugs.
  • Compare Hospitals – for help selecting a hospital for a surgical procedure.
  • Simple Steps to a Healthier Life™, an online wellness program that lets you complete a health risk assessment, receive a health score and tailored reports, and participate in healthy living programs according to your particular health risks and needs.

Aetna Navigator also provides you with up-to-date, reliable health information through links to Intelihealthsm, Aetna's award-winning health web site and Healthwise Knowledgebasesm, an innovative decision-support tool.

For more information on the Aenta Navigator, click here.

How to Register

If you are newly eligible and thinking about enrolling in the plan, an Aetna Navigator guest site has been created so you can explore the information, programs and special features that are available to Aetna HealthFund members. To take a look, click here and enter the following user name and password (lower case) to view a guest account:

username: hraguest1
password: hragueast1

Keep in mind that the benefit information displayed on the guest site will not exactly match your Crawford Health Plan. Once enrolled in an Aetna plan, you must register with Aetna Navigator to receive your unique user name and password.

To make full use of all Aetna Navigator features, including personalized information and tools, you'll need to register once you've enrolled in an Aetna plan. Here's how:

  • Go to and select "Log on to Aetna Navigator" on the home page
  • Click on the "Register" link.
  • Enter information to verify that you are an Aetna member:
       Date of birth
       Zip code
       Social Security number or Aetna Member ID number (from your ID card)
  • Select a user name, password and security phrase.

Once your registration is complete, you will use your user name and password to access Aetna Navigator. Your registration is effective immediately. However, it will take about 10 days before you are able to view personal information such as claims data and Explanation of Benefits statements.

For more information on Aetna Navigator, or to take a site tour, click here.