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Total Health Plan FAQs

  1. What is the Total Health Plan? The LM Total Health Plan provides access to quality care at a reasonable cost, but it also helps employees and their families improve their health through best in class health resources and information. It provides people and tools to help you become a wiser healthcare consumer. In the Total Health Plan, you are free to choose any doctor, hospital or other facility without a referral. It is time to face up to these inter-related challenges at Lockheed Martin. It's time for an integrated strategy that incorporates health management, broad selection of providers and informed healthcare consumers like you. A commitment to Total Health is about taking steps to improve wellness, managing chronic conditions and making wise decisions that will save you money and help you best use your plan. The concept is not to reduce the level of care but to encourage the right care at the right time, which will ultimately save costs for you and Lockheed Martin

  2. How will this plan benefit me? With the Total Health Plan, you'll receive quality coverage at an affordable price. This plan provides you with the option of using health improvement resources that have access to the best medical information and have a proven track record of success. You have the choice of taking advantage of a personal Care Advocate who can make it easy for you to identify the right resources and help you and your family make the most of your health plan features. Over the long term, this integrated approach to healthcare will save you money as well as improve patient outcomes — moderating the increase in contributions you'll see from year to year. ("Contributions" are what you contribute for medical coverage out of your paycheck.)

  3. How much will the plan cost? Lockheed Martin provides retiree healthcare plans to help bridge the gap to Medicare. We negotiate group rates to mitigate costs as much as possible, and in most cases the plans provide for company contributions to help defray your expenses. Unfortunately, healthcare costs across the nation continue to escalate, and this may result in an increase to your share of the cost for coverage next year. Specific cost information will be included in your annual enrollment package. If you're in a plan that requires you to pay a percentage of the cost, keep in mind that generally most plans have a cap on the company contribution. If the cost of your plan exceeds the company cap, your share will be a percentage of the capped amount plus any amount over the cap.

  4. How can this plan impact quality of care? Several ways. Lockheed Martin worked together with Aetna to define a quality program that encouraged participants to seek the right care at the right time through resources with proven records of success. For example, the Chronic Care program the new plan uses to help diabetes patients has one of the best records for maintaining patient health and well-being. The care coaches in this program have access to the latest information about the treatment of the disease and can work in tandem with your doctor to ensure you're receiving the best possible care. Similarly, individuals providing services are held to high certification standards. Outside experts have been closely involved in this process of measuring the quality of services associated with the new plan — and a process has been established to monitor and evaluate quality on an ongoing basis.

  5. How will this plan benefit Lockheed Martin? Lockheed Martin's healthcare costs have grown at double-digit rates over the last four years and given the current state of the healthcare market, costs would continue to escalate with our prior health plan offerings. With the Total Health Plan, the company expects to see more moderate and predictable healthcare costs from year to year. In addition, employees will have access to best-in-class health improvement resources. Years of research into health improvement have shown many indirect benefits, such as less lost time and greater productivity. In short, it makes good economic sense — the healthier you are, the healthier Lockheed Martin becomes.

  6. How is the Total Health Plan different from an HMO? There is a basic philosophical difference between an HMO and the Total Health Plan. In an HMO, the health plan has the primary responsibility for managing your health care. They determine which providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists, etc.) will be in the network, how they will be utilized and usually establish standard treatment protocols for various health conditions. In the Total Health Plan, you have greater freedom to choose your own providers, and you control your healthcare decisions. With Total Health, it will benefit you to take an active role in understanding a recommended course of treatment and what the ultimate cost will be. The additional effort usually involves asking your doctor more detailed questions, using information searches through various websites, such as Aetna InteliHealth, and seeking assistance from Your Care Advocate or your doctor.

  7. How does the health improvement aspect of the plan work? A goal of this plan is to keep all employees and their covered dependents as healthy and informed as possible. To help you determine if you are at risk for certain health conditions, Lockheed Martin is offering a voluntary Health Risk Assessment (review the Demo version of the HRA) to help identify your risk for developing a health condition, to learn how to possibly prevent the condition and to improve your overall health and well-being. The assessment is free, done at your choice and completely confidential. If you are at risk or have serious health problems, one of the health improvement resources will invite you to take advantage of health-specific programs that are based on the best medical information to date. One of the central goals of the new plan is to give you more control over your health — and provide you with the information and resources to help you do it. Your participation in the health programs is optional.

  8. Will my privacy be protected? Yes. Lockheed Martin has always respected the confidentiality of medical information. The privacy of your health information is now further protected under recent governmental regulations outlined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or "HIPAA." All resources within this plan — Aetna, Harris Health Trends, and LifeMasters are required by law to comply with the HIPAA regulations to ensure the privacy of your health information.

  9. What is the "Your Care Advocate" feature? Your Care Advocate is a registered nurse or clinician who will be your personal resource to help you and your family with healthcare decisions. Through Your Care Advocate, you will have access to leading medical information to help you understand any health issues you have and help you navigate the healthcare system. The Advocates are bound by the same professional certifications as all nurses and other medical professionals. They are available to help you best use your medical plan and avoid costly mistakes. And since this plan is self-insured by Lockheed Martin (which means Lockheed Martin, rather than Aetna, pays for the portions of the plan that you don't), the Advocate is truly a third party who is dedicated to providing the best medical advice to you and your family. Using the advocate service is completely optional to you.

  10. Will any of the Total Health Plan programs or features interfere with my relationship with my doctor? No. Your relationship with your doctor is extremely important. Your Care Advocate and the health improvement resources (Chronic Care and Healthy Lifestyles) are designed to supplement your relationship with your doctor and help you and your family by providing access to information. You and your doctor will always make the final decision for treatment.

  11. What are the transition of care rules if I enroll in the new plan? This plan does provide transition of care coverage for eligible circumstances. The Transition of Care question and answer document provides an overview on the rules. You can contact Aetna's customer service for more specific and personalized answers to your questions.